Just nerdy thoughts about everyday things…

I consider myself a ‘philosopher of human flourishing’. I believe in human prosperity–always have. Flourishing to me means living fully. To live fully I believe we need to understand ourselves and our environment. The tagline to this blog is “Education, Economics, Evolution, Entrepreneurship”. That simply reflects my belief that humans flourish through learning; through effectively playing what I call ‘life’s economic game’; through a thorough grasp of themselves as evolved creatures with no skyhooks to something beyond shared humanity; and through linking their greatest talents to value creating opportunities–the essence of entrepreneurship.

I’ve spent the last 40 years reading broadly, teaching, writing, investing, and other things. I’ve written a bunch of books and started a bunch of companies. I’ve been married a long time and would not want it any other way. From this variety of life experiences, and those I continue to have, I hope to have gained some insights and perspectives that others may find useful. That is the entire basis for this blog. I want to think that, after all I’ve been through, some of what I’ve learned may be helpful to others.

So, I will try to blog regularly about stuff that comes to my mind, and that I think you, the philosophy of flourishing reader, may find useful.